WMR918 / WMR968 Weather Station
WMR918 and WMR968 are weather stations manufactured by IDT (Hongkong). They are composed of sensors for wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature and humidity, rain fall, air pressure and indoor temperature and humidity. A base station displays all their values.

The sensors continously transmit the actual values via radio to the base station.

The base station has a serial interface, where it can be connected to a computer.

The Difference between WMR918 and WMR968 essentially seems to be an improved pressure sensor with higher resolution and extended range to lower pressure to enable use at higher altitudes, and a different (better?) communication protocol between sensors and base station.

João Correia has reported that there is another weather station WMR928 which looks very similar or equal to the WMR918 and for which the wxreport software also works.

The WMR918/968 is sold under the labels of Oregon Scientific and Huger (Germany).

weather station with sensor set WMR918 master unit

Linux Software for WMR918 and WMR968

WARNING: This software works fine for me since 2000/12/21. But you use it at your own risk. I do not garantee it's fitness for any purpose.

The name of my software package has been `wmr918d' for the very first alpha release, the same as John Stanley's software. From now on it will be called `wxreport'.

The package consists of

  • A daemon which interpretes the serial data stream from the wmr918, records the data to files and allows for connect via tcp/ip where it forwards the data stream to the connected clients.
  • A client daemon which connects to the server and may record the weather data files remotely. This may be useful if you don't want to record big data files on the machine where the weather station is connected to.
  • Some perl scripts that show how the data may be accessed via the web and how real time graphs of the weather data may be created.

Current Version 1.3

The recommended version to be used is release 1.3beta1.
It is called beta because I didn't get feedback about this release, yet. But it runs smoothly on my own box since october 2004 and it got some things fixed over the previous versions. So it is simply the best version. In the meantime I got positive feedback from Eric Meddaugh who uses extra sensors.

This version adds a wxlogd and a wxshm_show program which support extra sensors.
Download wxreport-1.3beta1
Read the README file of version 1.3beta1.

Change History

Current and older releases of the Linux data logging and server daemon software for the WMR918(H) and WMR968 wireless weather station may be found here.

Version 1.3 alpha

Version 1.3 is considered alpha but has not changed that much. It has essentially undergone some bugfixes, some code cleanup and got support to get compiled under solaris. The datafilter program now also has got support for extra sensors and can output values in imperial units.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 runs smoothly on my box since june 2003.
It includes support for the extra temperature and temperature/humidity sensor units that can be used with the WMR918 weather station.
As I don't own extra sensors, I can not test this functionality but it has been tried by João Correia and Eric Meddaugh and seems to work.
Version 1.2 also has a new mode where the data it outputs to tcp connected clients is fully decoded (the same way as the data written to the log files).
A further improvement is that compression of daily data files is now done in a parallel low priority process (and is not waited for termination as before).

Version 1.1beta3

  • Minor bug fix: weather status in 'ins_' files

Version 1.0beta3

  • Adds support for differing (older?) inhouse sensor module for temperature, humidity and pressure (type 5 data frames).
  • Some improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

My own weather station used to be reachable at http://pc1-archbo.bot.unibas.ch/~lukas/cgi-bin/currentweather.pl In the mean time the server machine has retired and the weather station is abolished.

There is another software for the WMR918 on Linux written by John Stanley:
John Stanley's software which is somewhat rudimentary but gave me some precious hints.

Both, John Stanley's and my own software are inspired by Tim Witham's `wx200d' software for the WX200 weather station by the same manufacturer.

Many thanks to them.

Other information about WMR918 and other weather stations:

Central Atlantic Storm Investigators (CASI)
CASI's Bulletin Board about WMR918

People having a site online with wxreport data

Kirby Dotson's weather station
Eric Meddaugh's Weather in Gates, NY Eric Meddaugh gave feedback about the extra sensors support. Thanks for this.
Allan Van Ness has done some modifications and extensions to the perl scripts to display the data in english units and to do some statistic evaluations.
Denis Hruza has weather data online which is collected by wxreportd.
Òscar Chic has set up a weather station with wxreportd in Barcelona.
Hubertus A. Haniel has set up a weather station with wxreportd in Upnor, Rochester, Kent in England.

Other people using WMR918 and Linux:

Joe Jaworski's page: How to Connect WMR918 to a Network
Alan Jackson's Weather page: has a perl tool to create Rose Diagrams for displaying wind direction.

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