Radon Monitors Jungfraujoch & Uni Bern

Since December 2009 two identical radon (222Rn) monitors, built at ANSTO, are working in parallel at Bern and on Jungfraujoch. The instruments operate on a two-filter dual-loop principle (Whittlestone and Zahorowski, 1998), where the signal is directly proportional to gaseous 222Rn.

At Bern, air is sampled at the Physics Institute, on the flat rooftop of a four storey building (7° 26’ 19” E, 46° 57’ 5” N, sampling height 575 m a.s.l.), which is located on the edge of a bluff, about 20 m above the historical part of the city.

At Jungfraujoch (7° 59’ 2” E, 46° 32' 53" N), air is aspired from outside the research station at 3454 m a.s.l.

Horizontal distance between both stations is 60 km.

Data is uploaded on the day of measurement at midnight (CET). Note: This data is automatically analysed. Instrumental failures or environmental disturbances to measurements can go unnoticed. For quality controlled data, please contact Franz Conen.

Whittlestone, S., Zahorowski, W. (1998)
Baseline radon detectors for shipboard use: Development and deployment in the First Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE 1).
Journal of Geophysical Research, 103, 16743-16751.

222Rn data since 12th June 2008

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calibration points

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Radon monitor data provided by University of Basel, Environmental Geosiences .
For details contact: Franz Conen

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