Lukas' Software Tools and Pieces

IP Power 9258 control script

A shell script to control an "IP Power 9258" networked power switch

Testo 545 Lux Meter Serial Comm

A perl script allowing to log the lux values measured by a "Testo 545" Lux meter via serial connection. The script uses the module Device::SerialPort for the communication over the RS232 serial line and can be used as a demonstration on how to use that module.

K8IO control tool

A command line tool written in C to read and write the control, data and status registers of a parallel printer port of a PC. This may be used to control a relay output card like the one sold by
Look at the source code for instructions on how to compile.
download C program

Google Earth Geotagged Images kml Creator

A perl script creating a kml file for use with Google Earth from a list of geotagged images.
The script renders a "Perl Template Toolkit" template to get the kml. An example template is here.

HTML Gallery Creator

A perl script for creating an HTML gallery from a list of images.
The script renders "Perl Template Toolkit" templates to create the html pages.
Example templates are here. Also a CSS style file is to be found at the same place. Download both templates and the style file and put them into the same directory as the script itself.
The following non standard perl modules need to be installed: Image::ExifTool, Perl Template Toolkit, Image::Magick, HTML::Entities, Class::Date.
Use the command perldoc to get an introduction on the usage of the script.

Image File Renamer

A perl script for renaming or symbolic linking of the images from the given list.
May additionally manipulate some of the exif tag data of every image like setting a copyright or setting a 'GPSDateStamp/GPSTimeStamp' from 'DateTimeOriginal' corrected by a given offset.

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