Transform the mail folder tree of MacOSX mail client to the format used by Thunderbird

This is only for before version 2 i.e, before MacOSX Tiger (10.4). With MacOSX Tiger comes 2.x which uses a different mail box format with a file for it's own for every single mail.

As the open and free email client software Thunderbird has no integrated import function for mail stored with MacOSX' own email client I wrote a small perl script which does the needed transformations.

The script is written to be run in a Terminal window. Calling the script with the --help option:

./ --help

prints out a short description: recursively walks through a MacOSX < 2.0
mail folder tree and constructs a new folder tree which may be hooked
into Thunderbird mail client.
usage: [options] < dir> <output dir>
  -h, --help            print this help text.
  -v, --verbose         be verbose on what's going on. May be given more
                        than once (2) to increase level of verbosity.
  -V, --version         print version.

A typical call to the transformation script would be:

./ -v -v ~/Library/Mail ~/tmp/Mail.translated  

The transformation script is released under the terms of GPL (Gnu Public License) and may be downloaded here.

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