Cloning a whole disk on Mac OSX using dd.

Clone External Disk to the Internal One

Boot from a Mac OSX installation CD/DVD as the internal disk cannot be overwritten when mounted and you cannot unmount your root filesystem.

Instead of doing an install select from Menu-> Utilities-> Terminal.

In the terminal unmount eventually mounted partitions of the target drive by invoking a mount command to list all mounted partitions. Then invoke the umount with any partitions of the internal disk that showed up. Usually the internal disk is /dev/rdisk0.

Be careful and think three times! Then, to do the copy, issue the command:

dd if=/dev/rdisk6 of=/dev/rdisk0 bs=131072

This will copy the whole data on a disk, including partitioning information, to the other one.

At least with dd used with linux sending an `INFO' signal to a running `dd' process makes it print I/O statistics to standard error and then resume copying (On systems lacking the `INFO' signal `dd' responds to the `USR1' signal instead):

kill -s INFO $pid
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