Using Logitech AST IR Remote Control with lirc

The Logitech AST IR Remote Control

At you can buy the Logitech AST computer infrared remote control which is supported by the lirc-project.

The receiver of the Logitech AST RC has a DB9 connector to be plugged into a serial port. It seems that the interface is a real RS232 and the IR receiver does the decoding of the IR pulses by it's own. To run the lirc daemon lircd there is no special kernel driver needed.

Setting up lircd

To get the lirc daemon up and running with the Logitech AST IR RC, move the configuration file for the remote control model to /etc, in my case (openSuSE 10.1, 10.2):

ln -s /usr/share/lirc/remotes/logitech/lircd.conf.logitech /etc/lircd.conf

Then start the lirc daemon by specifying the logitech driver, the serial device where the receiver is connected and eventually the name of the unix domain socket where clients can connect and read depressed keys.

lircd --driver=logitech --device=/dev/ttyS0 --nodaemon


irw /var/run/lirc/lircd

and press some keys on the remote to check if everything works ok.

openSuSE has an init-script for lircd: /etc/init.d/lirc. It is controlled by variables in the system configuration file /etc/sysconfig/lirc.

Non-standard location of lircd socket and lircmd fifo

Be aware of the fact that lirc by default creates it's socket and fifo at non-standard places i.e. in /dev/. openSuSE patches this, so their place is /var/run/lirc/.

Logitech AST RC on a USB serial adapter

I also tried to run the Logitech AST RC on a USB serial adapter (FTDI (ID 0403:6001)) which seems to work quite good. But auto repeated keypresses don't arrive as fast as on a real serial port.

lircmd broken in lirc-0.8.2

lircmd from lirc-0.8.2 and also the version installed by openSuSE 10.1, 10.2 and very probably other versions and distros does not work with Logitech AST ir remote control. Very probably also other remote controls are affected.

The problem is that the key code strings produced by lircd are quoted by apostrophs and lircmd looks for strings without apostrophs. So lircmd does not recognize any key presses and does not produce any mouse movement events.
I have a patch which fixes this. Contact me, if you are interested.

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