Recipes for Linux Admins and People who Need to Struggle with Windows and Mac OSX too


Linux related

Using storcli to Manage MegaRaid Disk Arrays

WLAN Access Point with Realtek rtl8822bu Chipset (tp-link Archer T4U Ver:3.0)

Forward serial line over TCP using socat

Boot loader repair with grub2 (on OpenSUSE 13.1))

screen as serial terminal

Resizing root Partition on SD Card

Wake on LAN with SuSE Linux 10.0

ssh: Transfering Directory Trees via ssh

ssh: Port forwarding

Using rekall via ssh port forwarding

Accessing CVS Repository via SSH using a non-default ssh identity file

find: Examples on the power of the unix command.

getopt: Parsing command line options with the unix command.

srm and similar tools for wiping files on Unix and Mac OSX.

Logitech AST IR remote control with lirc

A sensors.conf file for lm_sensors on a K8N-SLI Diamond motherboard from MSI

Webseite zum Uni Basel VPN
Hier noch einen Forums-Beitrag zum VPN UniBasel mit nicht-Cisco vpn clients.

Create an SSL certificate for a webserver

Alsa Configuration on Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5 Mainboard

Firefox with Java on x86_64 (openSuSE 10.2, 10.3)

WLAN Access Point with Atheros (ath5k) Chipset on Linux

Mac OSX related

Migrating mail from MacOSX to Thunderbird

MacOSX has a strange variant of UTF-8 encoding

Mac line endings and vi

Overburning CDs on MacOSX

srm and similar tools for wiping files on Unix and Mac OSX.

Cloning a whole disk on Mac OSX using dd.

Starting a shell command by clicking an icon on Mac OSX

Set up Time Machine on a network drive

Windows 7 related

Using rsync and Shadow Copy for Backing up a Windows Machine

Manual MS Office Volume License Activation

Windows (XP) related

Sony Vaio VGN-SZ3XP/C Windows XP Clean Install

Windows XP Malware Removal Links

Windows XP Crashed? Here's Help

Der Windows (XP) Bootloader, Bootloader restaurieren

Prepare default settings for Firefox for all users

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