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SAM is a Magnetometer that uses the relatively cheap FGM-3 flux gate magnetic field sensors manufactored by Speake & Co. Ltd., Great Britain.

The SAM consists essentially of a PIC micro controller, an LC display and four buttons. It has been designed by Karsten Hansky and Dirk Langenbach. On Karsten's site you can find the detailed description (in german). Peter ? has prepared some english translations.

I did slightly modify my SAM by adding a second stage of supply voltage regulation for the sensors as they are sensible to supply voltage variation. I mounted the second stage voltage regulator directly onto the sensor to ensure stable voltage even with longer cables (50m or even more should be possible).
Also I added a piezo buzzer to be able to get waken up, if a magnetic storm is taking place.

As the official SAMtools by Karsten Hansky are Windows applications, I'm working on a set of tools for Linux. At you may look up the current status and download the current alpha release.

SAM with sensors Magnetic sensors with voltage regulator
SAM main board, top SAM main board, bottom
Examples of magnetograms recorded with my SAM on jan 25 to feb 1 2003 in Äkäslompolo, Finland can be found H E R E.
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