Lukas' and Pascal's 68hc11 Pages

These pages will describe an embedded controller system around an 68hc11A1 microcontroller from Motorola with 32k battery buffered RAM, 32k EPROM or RAM, a bidirectional buffered 8 bit interface to a standard LCD module, a CAN bus controller, a real time clock and RS232 drivers.
This all on a 100mm x 100mm PCB with busses led to a DIN41612 connector or PC104 alike stack trough connectors.
The system is thoroughly designed for low power consumption and efficent use of power saving wait and stop modes.

picture of HM11 HM11 and HM11 extension board

Schematic drawing of HM11 board (gif, 161k).
Schematic drawing of HM11 board (eps, zipped 141k).
Schematic drawing of HM11 board (eps, 514k).

Also on this site you will get a development system around Pascal's PASS11 with upload capability for hc11 special bootstrap mode and integrated terminal running under Win32.;

As an alternative you can get from this site Till's as6k8. This is a GPL'd assembler for 6805, 6801, 68hc11 and 68hc12 controllers, running under Linux.

Furthermore there will be a library of assembler routines to make use of all on board peripherals and some example programs.

Currently under development is an IDE interface to connect harddisks or CDROM drives and MP3 decoder hardware.

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