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M31, filters B, V, R, Halpha, 5 minutes each. Images R and Halpha were added into the red channel. There are no traces of optical Novae 2011-01a.
The observatory from the North East, 2012-03-24.



The astronomic observatory is located in Vermes (Kanton Jura, Switzerland). It was founded by Arthur and Aranka von Känel in 2000. Arthur and Markus Wildi studied in depth the effects of the atmospheric refraction on a celestial photograph and how to compensate them.

Arthur von Känel died in spring 2004 and gave Markus Wildi the permission and the instruction to use the observatory. In summer 2004 Lukas Zimmermann joined the project and soon the idea of a robotic or at least remotely controlled telescope was born.

This Wiki shall document our efforts and progress to fully automate and remote control this observatory.

About February 2010 we entered the monitored "autonomous" operation of the observatory. If the weather condition is stable the telescope takes images all night.

The current status is displayed at the observatory web server.

Remote control of Observatory Vermes

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