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Selecting a target manually

See the How to run observation manually.

/etc/init.d/rts2 start
wait until MET, AAG, UPS say "good weather"



Find out what's up:

rts2-seltest --print-satisfied 2>&1| grep -v constr

Executing a script

rts2-scriptexec -d CCD_FLI  -s ' exe /root/move_mnt_apg '

The script

echo "C MNT_APG move 10.1 64.1"

may contain ", but be carefult with spaces. Even this move command is executued by the device MNT_APG it is necessary to specify device CCD_FLI on the command line.

Creating a target with a script:

rts2-newtarget 10005 M67 08:51:59+11:46:34
rts2-target  5004 -e -p 5 -c CCD_DMY -s 'E 22'

Selects all target

rts2-targetinfo -s

Selects and displays info

rts2-targetinfo 5004 
rts2-targetinfo -gx11 5004 | gnuplot
rts2-targetinfo -gpng 5004 | gnuplot | display

If rts2-targetinfo says

2009-12-25T15:52:52.091 app 1 Cannot find section 'CCD_DMY'.
Script for camera CCD_DMY: ret (-1)

configure the section [CCD_DMY] in file rt2.ini. The camera is defined in table ov.cameras.

Manipulating variables on the command line


rts2-xmlrpcd -i

on the server where the database resides. These examples

rts2-xmlrpcclient -s T0 OBJ "20 -30"
rts2-xmlrpcclient -s T0 telescope_fov " 3."

are working while e.g.

rts2-xmlrpcclient -v -v -s T0 LONGITUD "-3." 

has no effect.

Executing a script

killall rts2-executor
rts2-scriptexec -d CD -s ' E 60 D 10 '

Just don't start executor. You do not need it for rts2-scriptexec. It takes out priority and rts2-scriptexec cannot then continue.



Checked examples (see e.g. man 5 rts2.script)

rts2-scriptexec -d CD -s  'focpos-=50 for 5 { E 1 focpos+=10 }'
rts2-scriptexec -d CD -s  'filter=0 for 5 { E 1 filter+=1 }'
rts2-scriptexec -d CD -s  'filter=2 for 2 { E 1 filter+=1 }'
rts2-scriptexec -d CD -s  'binning=2 for 4 { E 1 binning+=1 }'
rts2-scriptexec -d CD -s  'binning=2 focpos-=1000 for 4 { E 15 sleep 60 focpos+=500 sleep 61 } '
rts2-camd-fli -d CD -i -F FC -W FW -r -23.6 -l 5 -c -30. --server
rts2-scriptexec -d CD -s  'focpos=3220 BOX 36 21 4096 4096 E 10'


Running rts2-centrald interactively (option -i) does not connect to the postgres DB (luckily not this time).

Selecting and copy/move FITS images

To copy images with given properties to another location (see man rts2.ini for the expressions):

rts2-image  -c "@FILTER/%f" *.fits